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One World Whey Protein

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Confused about protein powders? Clearly there are many options when choosing a protein supplement. There are also many reasons for using a protein supplement. Regardless of the reason, it makes sense to choose a product that gives you the most results possible.

The problem with most products at your local health food store is that many of these supplements are heated or overly processed.

Cold processed whey appears to be the best protein powder for maintaining and encouraging lean muscle mass while detoxing the body and providing numerous other health and immune system benefits.

One World Whey™ is the first cold-temperature processed milk-whey protein powder – sourced from grass pastured cows on Amish farms.

Why Cold Processed Whey?

Because it is unheated and sourced from grass fed cows, cold processed whey powder retains all the bio-available nutrients in liquid whey.

For further details or to place an order please visit the One World Whey Review page.

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